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iPhone i0S 9 and lower Can no longer support the use of Twitter

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Following a message in the app’s update text in its latest App Store release this week, only those iPhone iOS 10 or higher will continue to have a supported mobile client. Twitter says iPhone i0S 9 users can no longer support their app.

The company’s message notes this decision will allow it to streamline its app development for all clients.

Twitter is set to follow LinkedIn and Snapchat who also only support iOS 10 or higher. Facebook, meanwhile, caters to anyone on iPhone iOS 9 or above.

iOS 10 was released nearly 2 years ago, and next month, Apple device owners will gain access to the public release of iOS 12.

Twitter says that anyone still running iPhone  iOS 9 or older will no longer receive updates, so those who want to receive performance improvements, bug fixes and new features will need to upgrade.


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