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How To Use Sony PlayStation 4 Controller for Your Mobile Games

Sony PlayStation 4 controller
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Yes, you can use Sony PlayStation 4 controller for your Android phone games, tablet, or TV device.

All you need for a start is to buy a Sony PlayStation 4 controller. But if you already have PlayStation 4 that means you are good to go.

Why PlayStation 4 Controller? It’s because all DualShock 4 controllers have Bluetooth built-in no matter when and where you got it because the PlayStation 4 uses Bluetooth as its standard wireless connection protocol.

How To Set Sony PlayStation 4 Controller for Android

1. On your Android device, make sure your Bluetooth radio is turned on by opening settings and heading to the Bluetooth menu. Make sure the phone is in scan mode.

2. With the controller, simultaneously hold the PlayStation button and the Share button for a few seconds. The controller’s light will begin blinking to let you know it’s in pair mode.

3. Back on the phone, look for a device named Wireless Controller in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices. Tap that device to begin the pairing process.

4. The controller’s light should stop blinking and you should get confirmation on your phone that the connection was successful.

Once you follow these steps and its properly done, you’ll be connected and the controller can be used to navigate the Android UI.


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