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How Fast will 5G network be than 4G? All you should know

5G network

4G network is fast, it’s currently the rave of the moment. But incoming 5G network would be more faster than 4G. At least that we know for sure.

However, its still not exactly known how much faster it will be than 4G, as much of the technology is still under development.

5G will provide a significant upgrade a significant upgrade to current download and upload speeds – with the GSMA proposing minimum download speeds of around 1GBps. Isn’t that just so amazing.

Some tech experts are predicting the average speed of 5G networks to reach 10Gb/s, and some even think transfer rates could reach a whopping 800Gb/s. Well, let’s at least wait to witness it ourself.

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And most fascinating of them all is that users could download a full-length HD quality film in a matter of seconds, and that downloading and installing software upgrades would be completed much faster than today. You said what? Bring it here already.. Lolzzz


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