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Google Gmail Introduces Confidential Emails to Mobile

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Google gmail recently introduced one of his modern features to mobile devices. The company launched what is now known as Confidential Mode for emails on Gmail. This new feature will enable users to protect the emails they send.

Benefits of Google Gmail ‘Confidential Mode’

1. Gmail’s confidential mode can be used to help protect sensitive information.

2. You can use the feature to set an expiration for your emails, letting you remove an email and its content after a certain period of days.

3. This feature also enables you to set a password for the emails you send.

4. Confidential emails will automatically have the ability to forward, copy, print, and download removed, so the recipient won’t be able to make copies of your original email.

The only thing is that you can’t stop the users from screenshots or to take photos of the emails.

Gmail’s confidential mode is an interesting feature for email that provides low-level protection for your messages. Emails sent with the confidential mode make it slightly difficult to make copies of your sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.


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