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Dual-SIM Apple iPhone X could be just for China Market Alone

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DUAL-SIM Apple iPhone X on the way

When the news of dual-SIM iPhone first surfaced , we all thought Apple was targeting the Central American market. But with the way things are now, DUAL-SIM Apple iPhone X is likely made only for China alone.

According to report from a close source, The dual-SIM Apple iPhone X will reportedly be restricted to just China.

Every Apple phone so far has had just a single SIM card slot. That’s apparently going to change with the 2018 models.

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The 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD screen will be the only new model available with two slots. And it won’t be released in the U.S. or Europe, according to the Economic Daily News . Just the huge Chinese market.

Why China Market?

Apple wants to take advantage of the huge China market. Since Phones with multiple SIM slots are popular in China and developing countries.

A dual-SIM phone can take better advantage of wireless phone providers, in those regions who charge lower rates when making calls to other customers of the same carrier.

Or some people make phone calls with one provider but get internet access from another, cheaper company.

A dual-SIM version might be just one of the factors making the 6.1-inch iPhone the most popular of the 2018 devices.


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