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Apple Music adds new feature called “Friends Mix” Playlist

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Apple Music adds new friends mix playlist to enable you listen to the music your friends are bursting to.

The new “Friends Mix” playlist makes it easy to enjoy the songs your friends can’t get enough of. It’s updated every week, and you can enjoy it now across all devices.

This new feature can be found inside the For You section in Apple Music. Inside you will see the tracks your friends have been listening to, and it’s updated every Monday so that you’re never out of the loop.

However, not all will be able to see it today — it’s going to take a little while for Apple to make it available to everyone.

The Friends Mix can be access inside the Apple Music app on Android and iOS, and through iTunes for Mac and PC.

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To enjoy this new feature, you will also need friends inside Apple Musi.c. To find some, visit the For You tab, then scroll down until you see Find & follow friends. Tap the Find More Friends button to see a list of contacts on Apple Music.

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