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Apple Inc. Mac Mini pro and MacBook Air are Set for October

Apple Inc. Mac mini
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Apple Inc. Mac mini desktop computer is ready to be upgraded by the tech giant. And while doing that, Apple is planning to focus on professionals rather than high cost.

The new low-cost laptop and a professional-focused upgrade to the Mac mini desktop will come later this year, ending a drought of Mac computers that has limited sales of the company’s longest-running line of devices, according to people familiar with the plans.

According to Bloomberg report today, the Apple’s first Mac mini update will arrive alongside a Retina version of the 13-inch MacBook Air.

The new Mac mini will obviously be marketed to companies who need low-profile storage and processing machines, as well as to app developers. To appeal to professional users, Apple is said to be including faster processors and new storage options.

The new Apple Inc. Mac mini is available with 500GB to 1TB conventional hard drives, up to 2TB Fusion drives, and up to 1TB solid state drives, leaving Apple the obvious option to offer larger Fusion drives and SSDs. Similarly, today’s processor speeds range from a basic consumer 1.4GHz model to a 3.0GHz Core i7 with basic Intel HD and Iris integrated graphics.

Additionally, report from Bloomberg has revealed that the 13″ “MacBook Air” is specifically “geared toward consumers looking for a cheaper Apple computer, but also schools that often buy laptops in bulk.” In addition the new design will preserve much of the current 13-inch MacBook Air’s styling, but “will include thinner bezels around the screen” while sporting a Retina-quality display.

Apple is probably set to release this newly updated devices in later October this year.


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