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Apple Approves Simply Mac Stores As The Official iPhone Screen repairer

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There are only few stores in America that have the tools and the authorization from Apple to perform official iPhone screen repairs.

However, this week Apple and Simply Mac have reached a deal to bring official repairs to around 30 Simply Mac locations.

According to 9to5Mac report, Simply Mac has been an Apple Authorized Service Provider for quite some time, but until this deal was reach, the store was offering third-party, unofficial screen repairs.

Apple wasn’t pleased, and so a deal was reached that will see Apple pay to outfit 30 or so Simply Mac stores with new machines to conduct official repairs and a variety of security upgrades. In exchange, Simply Mac will stop offering third-party repairs.

Apple tools are already in Five simple Mac stores, where official repairs of of the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and newer devices have already commenced.

However, report has shown how expensive it is to use Mac stores for iPhone repairs, but while prices will increase to match the Apple Store’s standard screen repair prices, switching over from third-party to official screen repairs will be a net positive for consumers.

In the coming Months, Apple is expected to roll out the Touch ID and Face ID calibration units to a few dozen additional stores.

So you can now feel free and feel safe to repair your iPhone screen in any of the simply Mac stores.


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