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6 Things You Probably don’t Know about WhatsApp

About WhatsApp app facts

How well do you know the social network giant called WhatsApp? Well, Mntrends brings to you Six things you don’t know about WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Here are 6 Facts about WhatsApp that you most probably did not know before now.

1. WhatsApp has about 1 Billion active daily users. What this means is that each time you log into WhatsApp to send or read messages, there are 999 million others who are also logged on; sending messages

2.WhatsApp Has 1.3 Billion Users. So every month, 1.3 Billion people log into WhatsApp to send and receive messages and other media. Isn’t that awesome?

3. 55 Billion messages sent each day., Yeah and those your Good morning posts made the list as high as it is😁. Imagine if a quarter of those messages had to be sent through the post office! WhatsApp indeed is a gem.

4. 4.5 Billion photos are shared per day.
Isn’t that a lot? WhatsApp indeed has proven itself as a life saver. Imagine if the bulk of the photos had to be sent by hand!

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5. WhatsApp supports about 60 languages.
E kaaro! Good morning! ..Ndeewo!…WhatsApp is a messaging app for all messages regardless of the language, truly something to appreciate!

6. 1 Billion Videos sent every day. Yeah, your short clips and long video clips all account for that large number. WhatsApp doesn’t grumble, just obediently sends them. Try sending a video cassette via post office and a Video clip via WhatsApp and see which gets there faster


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