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5 Things Your iPhone knows About You

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Your iPhone is a smartphone. It’s a smartphone for countless of reasons. Over the years, people around the world rely more on smartphone for a multitude of things.

Here are 5 things your iPhone knows about you but you probably don’t know. Number 5 will take your breath away…

1. Your Location History

iPhones are equipped with internal tracking devices, this allows it to see your location at any point in time. And if for over a period of time your “Location Services” have been switched on, your phone has most likely compiled a long list of the places that you’ve been to.

2. Message Conversations

You obviously do enjoy chatting with your friends and family. And sometimes when you are done chatting, those messages are deleted by you. Well, here is something you should know henceforth. Apple keeps messages in an encrypted form “for a limited period of time” before they actually get deleted. So those messages that you think you’ve deleted are not really gone immediately.

3. The Speed At Which You’re Traveling

If you have used a map to navigate, you will surely have received a message saying “It will take you ___ minutes to get to so and so place.” The iPhone tracks more than just your location, it also notes down the time it takes to arrive and leave.

4. Apps Information

There are apps on your iPhone devices that keep track of a large amount of data. You might want to restrict the amount of information that the apps receive but this might decrease the accessibility of the app.

5. Siri

The software license agreement states that Apple collects data from Siri to “understand you better and recognize what you say.” However, the information that you collect is connected to your phone with a random ID instead of your Apple account in order to ensure anonymity.


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