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You Can Now Buy Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin Using The Skrill Wallet

Skrill Wallet buy crypto
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Skrill is a digital wallet and mobile payments operator. The payment operator announced today that its customers can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the Skrill wallet.

This involves the buying and selling of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin by using the more than 40 fiat currencies available in the Skrill wallet.

The update to its wallet is the payment providers first foray into the virtual currency world. Historically, the company has been focused on poker, sports betting and casino rooms.

Shrill now provides services in more than 3 different countries which includes UK, UAE, Australia and Canada.

However, this does not involve some major key cryptocurrency market. Shrill services are not yet available in Russia and United States.

Commenting on the launch of the new crypto feature, Lorenzo Pellegrino, CEO of Skrill, NETELLER and Income Access, said: “the world of cryptocurrency trading is exciting and dynamic, and our digital wallet service very much lends itself to this environment.

“I’m confident that the ability to trade in cryptocurrencies quickly and easily through Skrill will appeal to consumers both now and in the future. We know many people want to experiment with cryptocurrency trading but don’t know where to start and we’ve made the entire process very straightforward.”

However, one should note that for now customers can only buy and sell interests in cryptocurrencies. They can’t transfer their cryptocurrency holdings to other customers of Skrill or use it for transactions with merchants.

Maybe such feature can be added in the coming near future.


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