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PorkMoney Review: Is It Safe To Invest In PorkMoney



PorkMoney is an online investment platform in west Africa that is promising good ROI for Nigerians and Ghanaian. As always, Mntrends is writing a PorkMoney review to see if its safe to invest. Stay tuned.

before we dive into the the review of PorkMoney proper, lets do some introduction. PorkMoney is an online investment platform that is into Pig rearing. They take money from investors, buy piglets and rear them for a period of 11 months. Investors then get 25%,30%,40% and 50% of investment depending on their investment plans.


There are few things that one must consider before investing your money in an online platform. First, is the online investment platform trust worthy. Secondly are they a visible investment platform with a known address. What are their terms and conditions of investment. What is their return of investment is it reasonable, too small or too high. How long before you start getting your return of investment. These are some of the questions we’ll use to for the review.

The first question, is this investment platform trust worthy. The two faces of this brand are well known African celebrities with good reputation. Ebuka who anchored the Big Brother Africa show and John Dumelo a movie actor in Ghana.

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Does PorkMoney have a visible address. The answer is a big YES. It has both physical address and even public phone numbers Nigeria: 1686 Oladele Olashore street, off Sanusi Fafunwa street, Victoria Island, Lagos +2348173656192 | +2348173656194. And in Ghana: 28, Nii Owoo Avenue, Westlegon, Opposite Oline Heights Hotel, Accra +233558323973 | +233558325057
And this brings us to their terms of usage. Well in summary, this investment platform wants all its investors to pay for an investment and also wait for the said period of 11 months before getting the complete return of investment.

The percentage attached to each investment package varies. It ranges from 25% for the minimum investment plan to 50% for the maximum investment plan. This is fair as it will make sure that both the platform and its investors have a fair share. However, We can not say for certain if PorkMoney allows for multiple investment by an investor. You can CLICK HERE to read more about Paylater and their terms ans conditions and its operations.

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How long does an investment plan last/ according to PorkMoney all investment runs for a period of 11 months. An investor have to wait for 11 months becausethe piglest have to reared to full maturity before they are sold.

Conclusively, Mntrends do not own the PorkMoney investment platform. We just wrote a review of the platform to help you in your decision making. So please make sure to go through their official website and read their FAQ before you invest.


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