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New MMM GLOBAL promises to Pay All Stuck MMM Funds


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It’s been few months since MMM officially announced its shut down worldwide. And with the shut down of MMM operations worldwide, billions were stuck and millions of people were left to wallow in pain.

The craze in the internet right now is the birth of a new MMM that is even more promising. According to the information we gather so far, this new MMM call itself MMM GLOBAL and participation is strictly with bitcoin only.

It does share some similarities with its predecessor. Referrals still enjoy referral bonus, there is still guiders and guider bonus  First time registration bonus is also available among others.

However a critical review of this MMM GLOBAL shows that it might just be a huge scam been use to fraud people. For one thing, no one has come out to claim responsibility for its operations. Unlike its predecessor that is known to be controlled by Russian Sergey Mavrodi.

Secondly  although it’s operations and website looks like that of Mavrodi MMM, it’s operations is only based in one country and aside from their personal office they don’t have official website to give out information.

Our advice for people seeking to invest bitcoin is to be be careful with this new MMM as you might just loose more money trying to recover lost ones. To be on a safe side, it is better not to invest at all.

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