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Mission Impossible: Get To Know The Real Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise mission impossible

Mission Impossible: Cast exposes the real Tom Cruise, and according to what we know so far about him, Tom Cruise truly is as great as he seems.

During the course of filming Mission: Impossible-Fallout, Tom Cruise won over the hearts of the star studded group, including Henry Cavill.

“I am not easily impressed, and I know some people who have done genuinely seriously impressive stuff, and watching Tom do these stunts, especially in the mountains in that helicopter. I just thought, ‘Okay I am officially impressed,'” the Superman actor shared.

He added, “This is ridiculous what he is doing. And he learns all these skills for these movies and does them to an elite level. It is remarkable, truly remarkable.”

Angela Bassett got this to say about Cruise, “He truly is just incredibly warm, generous, embracing. As soon as he turns to see you he breaks out into this great smile and just welcomes you with a warm smile.”

For Rebecca Ferguson, she said the actor has the ability to make you feel like “you are the center of the room.”

Simon Pegg on the other hand, just feels uncomfortable. “He compliments you a lot and he looks at you and it gets uncomfortable because you get so much Cruise love on you. People are always so all over on him, so I think he likes to redistribute it,” the Brit joked.

Pegg concluded by saying, The general consensus though is that the
Top Gun star is a just a normal guy, despite all the mystery that surrounds him. “He allows himself to be surrounded by a lot of mystique and conjecture and gossip and he just sort of lets it fester and I think that makes people think he is some sort of inhuman kind of thing, but he is just a bloke,”

Now aside from being an amazing stuntman, Tom Cruise is genuinely a good person.

Wait! Who else is excited to see the 56-year-old back to action? Well, Tom Cruise would be traveling round the world to promote the most recent installment of the franchise.



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