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Investment Package:Understanding The Different Miropass A-Mart Packages

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Miropass A-Mart affiliate is no doubt one of the best online investment now in Africa. Interestingly, investing in Miropass A-Mart is very simple and return of investment is relatively impressive. In this article we’ll focus on the different Miropass A-Mart packages. If you miss our previous articles about Miropass A-Mart, you can CLICK HERE to learn about this investment platform in details.


Miropass A-Mart affiliate packages are divided into 5 categories, it ranges from CP1-CP5. Lets walk you through the different Miropass A-Mart packages


This the the lowest investment package available in Miropass A-Mart. This package cost #10,000 Nigeria Naira to activate. And investors get #300 return of investment weekly and a total of #1,200 monthly. This package also attracts 5% bonus daily team bonus.


CP2 is a middle level investment package that allows investors to earn reasonable amount of money from Miropass A-Mart. Activation of this package cost about #20,000 and it attracts #600 weekly return of investment and #2,400 return of investment daily. The daily team bonus of this package is 10% for its investors.


This is another middle level investment package that lets Miropass A-Mart investors make money online. Activation of this package cost #50,000 with weekly and monthly return of investment #1,500 and #6,000 respectively. Daily team bonus of 15% is associated with this package.


Activation is CP4 is bit expensive but it also yield a very good return of investment for its investors. Activating CP4 will cost #100,000 and weekly earning is #3,000 with monthly earning capped at #12,000. A 20% daily bonus is given for this package.


They usually say that we should save the best for the last. Well it seems Mirpoass A-Mart did save the best investment package for the last. CP5 not only yield the best return of investment, it also offers good daily team bonus. Weekly and monthly return of investment are #6,000 and #24,000 respectively with 30% daily team bonus.

Most persons have trouble trusting online investment hence we have the contact of Mr Pablo from Ibadan Nigeria. You can call him via this number +2349083832420 or +2347035467577. Also join his Miropass A-Mart group on WhatsApp and Telegram. CLICK HERE to join his WhatsApp group and ask him direct questions.


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