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How To Write An Essay In 2018


Many needs to write essays in 2018 have come up, some for competitions, others to express public views and still others are entered in competitions.

Either way, If you ever had to go to school and learned to read ABCs, chances are you also had to write essays or you have an essay waiting for you to write now. Here are some steps to writing a good essay.

1. Choose A Topic: Most essay-writing exams have the options of choosing a topic from among a number of topics. Choose wisely. Get a list among the list of possible topics of the topics you feel you can develop, then write down the points for each and see the ones with the most sensible points. If you are going to choose your topic, then you have the whole world at your feet It means you’ll be able to choose a strong topic which you will be able to develop closely and strongly.

2 Research the Topic: If the essay is not one that would be written in an exam hall just as soon as the topic is chosen, then feel free to do research. But also make sure to find out what research materials are acceptable, as some examiners would prefer very authoritative sources as an Encyclopedia rather than Wikipedia and the likes, and adhere strictly to the accepted material sources.

3. Plan Your Essay: Just like a person planning to cook a sumptuous meal plans every step of the cooking process so that the meal will come out tasty, you need to plan your essay. Sit down, get a pen and paper, write down your topic and any possible jargon you can get out of your mind about the topic, don’t hold anything back. Now, you’ve got the skeleton, let’s work out the flesh.

4. Write Out Your Thesis Statement: You know what you’re going to be writing about, so write that down and prepare your readers for what’s to come, it’s sort of like an appetizer. You write down what the main body of the essay will be about; the information it will provide, the point of the essay, the main ideas and supporting ideas.

5. The Body Paragraphs: Now, it’s time to fill in the rest of the body. Remember the jargon you wrote down in step 3, now sift out the good from the bad, the sensible from the senseless. Now, pick out the good portion and look at how beautiful the look, each of them is a potential paragraph. They are your main ideas, now think up the supporting ideas, why and how they are relevant to your topic and build up something with them. You could start with the fair point to support your thesis, a good point, a better point and end with the best point to support the thesis.

6. Conclusion: While eating a three course meal, the last course of the meal, the dessert is always something sweet, this is to make the brain calmer. A good conclusion to an essay is like the dessert and it helps the readers remember very clearly the points made in the body of the essay.

You could use an anecdote(Big Grammar!); a short amusing story to end the essay or just summarize your points or still provide a final closing view on your topic.

7. Calm down, you’re done now, but not actually done. If you are in an exam hall, take time to read the essay again to check for errors, if you’ve still got time, perhaps days or weeks, you could run a grammar check on the essay or better still give someone else to criticize the essay and check for errors.


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