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How Google Station Will Benefit Nigerians

Google Station in Nigeria lagos

GOOGLE STATION – While some persons are so excited about the new move by internet giant, Google, to open station in Nigeria, some persons are also wondering on how Nigerians will benefit from the Google station.

This article will explain in brief, clear and simple terms the benefits Nigerians can derive from the Google Station.

Availability of Wi-Fi: 

With Google Station in Nigeria, the Tech giant, Google will make available free Wi-Fi facilities in about 200 sites in Lagos and five other states in Nigeria between now and 2019. So you can look out for this if you are based in Lagos.

Free Access To Internet: 

Google Station Will not only be opening in Lagos. Those who live outside Lagos State is set to benefit too. The other states are Kaduna ; Port Harcourt ( Rivers state); Ibadan ( Oyo state); Enugu and Abuja. So no need to panic if you are not based in Lagos. Google Station Will come to your state.

Good Internet Network:

Who else is tired of bad internet or poor network in Nigeria? Well, according to research made last year, only about 15 – 20% of internet users in Nigeria can confidently brag of using a better reliable network. Well, Google is likely to fix this soon for millions of Nigerians.

Goodbye To Expensive Subscription:

You will agree with me that if you are doing internet business in Nigeria, you will have to be rich or fully loaded to some extent first before you can survive your business. This is because, other than just having poor internet connection, internet subscription are also very expensive. To buy data cost a lot and still you won’t have better services. Well, if that’s your case, Google Station is here to bail you out. Look forward to better internet services for your businesses.

Goggles vice-president Anjali Joshi, on Wednesday in Lagos, while speaking to some selected media houses, he said, “Google station is targeted primarily at countries, where the next-billion Internet users are set to come from, aimed to give users fast, secure, and easy-to -use Wi-Fi experience.”



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