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Earn Money 2018: Three Top Ways To Earn Money In Nigeria This Year

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Many people needs a secondary source of income and this is a wise choice as the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Mntrends introduce you to three legit ways you can earn money 2018. Who should read this article? anyone who would love to make an earn money 2018 aside from his/her primary income.

NOTE: All mentioned platform below are currently paying its investors. Stay up to date with Mntrends to get latest info about these platforms.

NNU POST SHARING: NNU is an online platform in Nigeria that pays its visitors for sharing posts on their timeline in Facebook. According the NNU website, a one time registration of #1,600 is paid to activate your account and once that is done you will given posts to share and you will earn #350 per post. This means that you can possibly earn #2,450 weekly and #10,500 monthly.

Why use your Facebook for only chat and photo uploads if you can actually make some few bucks with it. If you wish to know more about NNU and how it operates please use the CONTACT US page to send us a message and we’ll respond.

MIROPASS INVESTMENT: Unlike NNU, Miropass A-Mart is an online shopping Mart that allows its users to invest and earn money. With Miropass, you don’t necessarily have to share any post on your timeline to start earning. All you need is a one time investment that will yield daily, weekly and monthly return of investment for you.

You can CLICK HERE to read all about Miropass A-Mart and its investment. Alternatively, you can contact Mr Pablo on +2348117745973 or +2349083832420 also available on WhatsApp and he will answer all your questions.

BITCOIN INVESTMENT: The last method we suggest that you can use in making money this year is through bitcoin investment. Simply put, you can purchase bitcoin keep it in your wallet and wait for the price to go up and you sell. You can also keep this bitcoin in Freebitco.in wallet and be getting daily bonus for free. Use the CONTACT US page to reach us and we’ll show you how to earn free bitcoin daily.

Its very important to know that all method of earning mentioned above are legit and are paying its members.


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