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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Top Loosers In The Past Seven Days

cryptocurrency market

cryptocurrency market

The prices of cryptocurrency have been bleeding for the past few months. And it seems there is no stopping the bleeding as the cryptocurrency market keeps diving downwards. And this article, we’ll talk about top crypto in the cryptocurrency market that is bleeding the most in the last seven(7) days.


1. EOS: This cryptocurrency experienced the worst fall according to CoinMarketCap, falling by some 4.4% over the past seven(7) days. This crypto that was worth somewhere above $7.00 dropped to some $6.7 within seven days.

2. STELLAR: Steller experienced a 3.09% fall in price and this dropped its price from somewhere around $1.02 to $0.18. This place it in second place as the crypto that fell heavily within the past seven(7) days.

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3. BITCOIN(BTC): The next big fall in the cryptocurrency market is the almighty bitcoin. bitcoin which happens to be the giant of the crypto world fell by some 2.9% within the past seven(7) days. Bitcoin price was around $6,400 but it’s now struggling to maintain a $6,210.40.

4. RIPPLE XRP: This promising coin that made it’s founders millionaires over night is also experiencing its fair share of the bleeding market. XRP fell by some 2.8% which saw a fall in its price from 0.51 to 0.44.

4. BITCOIN CASH: This crypto is the second most expensive crypto in the market and its not left out. Bitcoin cash fell by some 2.2% and this made its price dropped from some $696 to $681 in the past seven(7) days.

5. ETHEREUM(ETH): The second most valuable crypto in the market is not also left out. Although it experienced a slight fall in its price over the past seven(7) days. Ethereum price fell from some $440 to $435 experiencing a 1.07% fall in price.

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Other cryptocurrency to experience the market bleeding includes, Litecoin, Cardana, IOTA, Tether, NEO, TRON, Monero whose prices fell by 2.34%, 2.82%, 2.50%, 0.24%, 2.88%, 3.83% and 3.54% respectively.

The ultimate question now is of this is a right time to invest in the cryptocurrency market. This question is vital because persons who buy and keep these crypto and await for a possible market rebounds will make millions. But who is willing to take the risk with more countries and financial institutions going against crypto. More market price updates are coming your way from Mntrends, subscirbe to our newsletter for all latest analysis, news, updates and investment platforms.



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