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Cryptocurrencies Market Update: Bitcoin Leads The Way Others Follow


After months of bleeding by the cryptocurrency market, it seems it’s time for a rebounds and guess what bitcoin is leading the way and Other cryptocurrencies are following suite. The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a wonderful turn of event as the prices of all cryptocurrencies are on the rise.

Bitcoin is taking charge of the cryptocurrency market with its price experiencing over 5% increased within 12 hours. Bitcoin that was worth somewhere above $6,000 now worth above $7,300. According to Coin Market Cap, this is about 10% increase over the last seven days

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency to make the break through, Ethereum is also following closely behind. This crypto that was worth about $430 dollar is now worth more than $500 within the past 12 hours. Bitcoin Cash and RippleXRP are flagged green too. Bitcoin Cash formerly worth $780 is now worth $869 and RippleXRP which was worth $0.42 is now worth $0.57.

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Other altcoins to get green flags are Monero, Litecoin, EOS, NEO, STELLAR, DOGECOIN, TRON, TETHER, Zcash, DASH and many more. These cryptocurrencies have enjoyed an increase of 5% at an average.

Will crypto price continue to grow from here well only time will tell. But this is definitely good news for investors and exchange platforms. The cryptocurrency market is subject to changes and the price might continue to increase or the reverse might also be the case.

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