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Crypto Market Update: Ethereum Classic Enjoying The Ride, BTC,ETH XRP and Others Falls

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The past few days have seen the giant cryptocurrency enjoyed rise in its market price and value. The likes of Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple(XRP) also had their share of the smooth ride. However, the market is experiencing a downtime sfor the first since the past seven days and BTC, ETH and XRP are leading the way. Today we’ll take a look at some gainers in the crypto market and some losers and some top gainers like ethereum classic.


It seems ethereum classic is really enjoying the ride as it strikes a notable increase in its price as other experience a downtime. While the likes of bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and XRP are experiencing fall in its price, ethereum classic is enjoying a rise in price.

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According to the chart from COINMARKETCAP, bitcoin have suffered a 0.40% fall in its price. Ethereum suffered a 0.94% fall in price and XRP saw a 0.58% fall in its price. Bitcoin cash, EOS, Litecoin and DASH also fell some 0.56%, 1.13%, 0.81% and 1.22% respectively.

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But the biggest losers were still unpopular cryptocurrencies with Mithril dropping by some 18.77% and Bitcoin Gold dropping by some 15.02%. Other cryptocurrencies that experienced big falls includes Stellar, TRON, Vchain, NEO, Monero, IOTA, NEM, Bitcoin Diamond, Golem. All the above mentioned crypto fell on the average 5%.

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Some crypto investors have said that bitcoin have its way of dropping the price of other crypto as its own price increases. While it is true that rise in price of other crypto was small comapre to bitcoin, its still true that bitcoin also expereinced its fair share of the market downtime.

The fall in price so far is not significant and everyone is still hoping for a rebounds in no time. but the stage is set now and it goes both ways, there might either be an increase or a decrease in the price of these crypto. Where will the tides leads, only time will answer this question. More crypto market updates coming your way, stay tuned.


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