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Crypto Investors: Cryptocurrency Market Price Expectations are High

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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a boom and expectations by crypto investors are high. Will the rise in price continue or will there be a sharp decline events are still unfolding. The prices of all cryptocurrency saw a sharp rise in its price over night. Most of the cryptocurrency saw an average of 5% increase in price over night.

The last time the cryptocurrency market saw this sharp increase was somewhere December 2017. When bitcoin hit about $20,000 per BTC and Ethereum and Bitcoin cash also enjoyed the ride. Now it seems the floor is set for cryptocurrency to take over again and guess what, all crypto are having a taste of this  new trend.

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With this new turn of event in the cryptocurrency market, expectations are high. Most investors are hoping and praying that the trend continues and for good reasons you won’t blame them. According to Marc Lasry, the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Avenue Capital Group, an investment firm with $9.6 billion in assets under management, he has predicted bitcoin to be worth about $40,000.

Somewhere out there some crypto investors might share similar view and some might even predict it to be more expensive soon. The fact that the crypto market have maintain its recovery strength for the past three days is good sign of possible total recovery of the market.

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But not taking away the possibility that anything can happen and the crypto market can experience a sharp decline. But for now all crypto investors can smile as they are seen green light everywhere in the crypto market. Follow Mntrends Blog on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @mntrendsblog for latest updates.


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