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Blogging Tips: The Right Way To Monetize Your Blog and Earn Money

blogging tips
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blogging tips

The internet is buzzing with blogs from different niche. The aim of blogging use to be for fun, to pass out information or to give personal views about something. But with the aid of advertisement from different advert companies like Google, Yahoo and the rest, people now blog for money. Well times have changed and so is the reason for blogging.

But most people don’t understand how best to monetize their blogs and maximize profit. Well this post about blogging tips will help bloggers from around the world to know understand how best to monetize their blogs. Be it you are blogger from the USA, UK, Nigeria, Russia just name it, this blogging tips is for you.


NUMBER OF ADVERTS: Most bloggers think that having multiple Ads to display in your website will yield more revenue. Well let us tell you a secret, that is not actually true. The fact is, this might even contribute to more loss of revenue for you. How? read carefully. All Advert code are generated with Java script with links that have to be loaded from an external server. And if there is too much advert present in your blog, it reduces your load time and increases your bounce rate. And simply put, Bounce rate means that people tried to access your blog but it took too long to load hence they went away.

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But with the right number of Adverts, your blog will load faster allowing people to read your content. This in turn will mean for traffic for you and as a friend once said “Traffic is Key” if you want to make money from blogging. It’s better you have fewer Adverts that your visitors will see and interact with than to have lots of Ads that no one will actually get to see due to slow loading.

ADVERT PLACEMENT: The next important feature to consider is where you place your Ads. Practically speaking, only very few persons go to the footer/bottom of your blog. So placing Adverts at the footer/bottom of the blog is same thing as hiding the advert. Google have made it easier by introducing InArticle Ads. These Ads allow bloggers to place Ads in-between their article. You might have noticed one while reading this article but be sure to minimize its use. Remember to reduce bounce rate and don’t forget that traffic is key.

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TYPE OF ADVERTS: This is another very key factor to consider as most bloggers don’t understand how to go around this. By default, the Google Adsense settings allow all types of Ads for its users. But that is not a wise option hence they give users options to select specific Ads and block other Ads. Some Ads are irrelevant to your niche and they do you more harm than good.

For example, imagine a tech blogger that allowed all categories of Ads and book and relationship Ads is been served. How many times do you think tech lovers will likely click Ads based on books and food? chances are very low. But if the some irrelevant Ads are blocked and more of tech related Ads are served, clicks will increase. The logic is simple, serve the right Adverts to the right people and watch how you will enjoy.

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USE AFFILIATE LINKS/BANNERS TO MONETIZE YOUR BLOGS: Next on our blogging tips is the importance of using affiliate links/banner. Most bloggers depend solely on Google Adsense, Media-Net and the likes to earn money. Well you can make even more money if you opt for affiliate links and banners related to your niches.

For example if your blog is about web hosting and domain name purchase, there are numerous affiliate for you. Companies like Blueshost, Godaddy, Namecheap and Whogohost will pay very well for every person you refer to them. And been that you have the right kind of audience it will just be a piece of cake. Piece of cake because you can easily include your affiliate links in your blog posts and even get a banner to display at your sidebar. The point is, look for affiliate that is related to your niche and make good use of it. There are different affiliate for all niches in the blogging, so there is no excuse.

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GROW YOUR WEBSITE: What we mean by grow you website is increase your online presence. Make your Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ account busy. Let the world know you are there and entice them to come see what you offer. This way you might even attract persons who would like to run Ads or pay for sponsor posts in your blog. And be professional, don’t act local package your blog and attract people to yourself.

BE PRAYERFUL: While you are doing all the above mentioned blogging tips be prayerful. The internet is a big place and everyone can make money from it but pray that God/Allah bring people who will invest in your blog. Also pray that God/Allah bless your smart/hardwork for you to enjoy what you are doing.

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The above are tips for earning more from your blog and it works. Remember to block irrelevant Ads, do not place too much Ads. give attention to where you place your Ads and apply for other affiliate program.

Don’t hesitate to share this post for other bloggers to read. We have shown you love by publishing this tips,now it’s your tun to spread the love by sharing. We pray we all succeed in our career have a wonder day.


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