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You Can Only Relate If You Have Waist-Beaders On Your WhatsApp Contact


So Whatsapp made provision for it’s users to upload and update statuses in a snapchat-styled manner and some people feel it is liberty to put their life album on display, see the reactions we get when we have them on our lists.

When you try to use Whatsapp and mistakenly open their status


How your Mobile Data Stares at their waist-bead status

i wee juss beat you like a dog

And you identify all the ‘Waist-beaders’ and throw them into the dungeon of ‘Muted Status

You may juss die there like a fowl


How you keep checking their status if they’ve started having sense

Hello, have you guys got little bit of sense there now?

And you discover they’ve lost more sense


Or you find out they’ve started having small sense


And there’s that status you really want to see but you have to cross a sea of over 50 statuses

Though I walk through the Valley Of Shadows of Data

And they update Status saying that if you are tired of seeing that status, you should F#ck off

comman die

How your Data looks at you when Boredom wants to carry you there

Lack of sense today leads to lack of Data tomorrow

Las las, you will us keep them back in their Muted Dungeon.

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