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Why Choose Whogohost As Your Hosting Company


The internet is a very big place and there is always a space for everyone who wants to get his/her own space and create his/her online presence. But one need a trusted hosting company that is very reliable to host a domain and Mntrends is about to introduce you to one of the best online hosting company WHOGOHOST.


Whogohost is a web hosting company that hosts domain name and your website contents. For good reasons, Whogohost is currently ranked number one hosting company in Nigeria. Using the services of Whogohost is highly recommended and for good reasons. Below are some reasons why you should consider using Whogohost to host your domain.


You should consider using Whogohost for the following reasons

1. DEPENDABILITY: Customers can depend on the services of Whogohost. They have a very responsive customer care service that works 24hours. Aside from their customer service, they also have reliable servers that will host your domain and contents and that will make your sites accessible at all times.

2. WIDE KNOWLEDGE DATABASE: The wide knowledge base frequently asked questions and answers of Whogohost allows customers to get answers to questions that they possibly have in mind. In other words, Whogohost can answer your even before you ask them. So you can’t be stuck as Whogohost will always have the answers to your questions and find solution to your problems.

3. FAST RESPONSE RATE: The response rate of the Whogohost customer service is very fast. When a customer lays a complaint, a ticket is opened and an answer is provided by Whogohost within 6 hours of creating ticket.

4. LIVE SUPPORT: Whogohost also have a live support team that is available 24hours. This live support respond to inquiries almost immediately and provide solutions to problems, give answers to questions as they are been asked.

5. BEST TECHNICAL TEAM: The technical team of Whogohost is very smart and intelligent. They can help you to solve almost any technical problems you might encounter with your server or domain. Sometimes, they seek for permission and perform some technically operations on your behalf.

6. EASY PAYMENT METHODS: Paying for Whogohost services is very easy and relatively fast. customers can pay for services using Quickteller or direct bank payment. Once your payment is made via debit card, the transaction is confirmed and the package your paid for is automatically activated.

Registration for Whogohost services is very simple and relatively fast, click THIS LINK to get started. Fill the form using a valid email, select a strong password and continue to complete your profile. Once you are registered, you need to activate a package our next article will about activating a package in Whogohost.


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