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How to Pay For Whogohost Order Using Quickteller/Cash Envoy

whogohost payment

Whogohost The cash Envoy and QuickTeller method of payment is perhaps the best method of paying for whogohost order. Not only is it relatively fast and safe but the process is easy.


First select the QuickTeller or Cash Envoy payment method, tick the i agree to terms of service button and click COMPLETE ORDER. see picture below

Whogohost payment

From the next page, click the PAY WITH QUICKTELLER button usually at the top right corner of the page. Note that at this stage you can also decide to select a different payment method. Please see picture below

whogohost payment order

After you have clicked on the PAY WITH QUICKTELLER button a page will pop up requesting for your card details. The card number refers to the long numbers printed in your debit card(ATM Card) usually 14-16 numbers. The MM/YY refers to the expiry date of the debit card(only the month and year is needed e.g 06/21). The CVV refers to the last three digit number located at the back of your debit card(ATM card). Now that you have typed in the correct details click on the Pay button and a code will be sent to the number associated with the debit card type in the OTP(one time password usually 6 numbers) and click OK. A success message will appear and whogohost will send you a mail confirming your purchase order. See picture below

whogohost payment

The process is similar if you select the Cash Envoy payment method. Congratulations you have successfully paid for and activated an order in Whogohost. Its simple, relatively fast and secure. If you don’t have an account with Whogohost, CLICK HERE to register a free account.


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