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Top 10 Extremely Poor Countries In The World

Top poverty countries in the world

According to a new report released by World Poverty Clock, Nigeria has Overtaken India as the country With the most poor people in the World .

Nigeria therefore, now tops the list of 10 extremely poor countries in the world, officially displacing India which until now was the country with the highest number of poor people.

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The report pointed out that at the end of May (2018), Nigeria had an estimated 87 million people in extreme poverty, compared to India’s 73 million.

See the list of top 10 extremely poor countries below.

  1. Nigeria- 86.9 million poor people
  2. D.R Congo- 60.9 million people.
  3. Ethiopia- 23.9 million people
  4. Tanzania- 19.9 million.
  5. Mozambique- 17.8 million
  6. Kenya- 14.7 million people
  7. Uganda- 14.2 million people
  8. South Africa- 13.8 million people
  9. South Sudan- 11.4 million people
  10. Zambia- 9.5 million people

All the countries are from Africa. What do you think could be done to tackle this mass poverty in Africa ?


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