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Russian Labour Market in Strong Demand for Crypto and Blockchain Experts


In the Russian labour market there is strong demand for experts cryptocurrency and blockchain. The statistics gotten from leading job search platforms, has  indicated that the demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain specialists in Russia remains very strong.

Statistics also revealed that majority of these vacancies are being offered by IT companies and Banks. The competition for crypto expertise is getting tougher, as the country is preparing to finally regulate the fintech sector. There are rises in the demand for experts in blockchain, mining and cryptocurrencies in the Russian labour market.

According to Head Hunter, 387 vacancies in the fintech sector have been posted last month, while their number for the whole first half of 2017 was only 201. That’s 11.5 times more than during the respective monthly period of last year.

Moreover, just so you know, the majority of employers offering positions in the crypto sector are either IT companies or banking institutions, mostly concentrated in the capital Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the second largest Russian city. Many of these businesses are not even publishing job postings, but are constantly sifting through the resume database, said Natalia Godjaeva, general director of Superjob.ru.

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Natalia Godjaeva further added, “Developers and project managers are the most sought after specialists, always mention any crypto and blockchain-related projects on the resumes you submit to job search websites, and assured them.

Godjaeva comments come at a time when Russia is preparing to regulate the crypto industry with three drafts currently under review in the State Duma. No doubt we can say, that the crypto labor market in Russia is experiencing growth.



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