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Japan Launches Investment Course For Seniors To Teach Them about Cryptocurrency


Investing in cryptocurrencies is no longer just the thing of the young youths or young adults. Seniors and middle-aged adults are increasingly getting interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Before the seniors and middle-aged adults can invest in cryptocurrency, it is good for them to have a proper knowledge about it. Hence, Japan’s Cryptocurrency Support Center has launched an intensive crypto investment course for middle-aged and elderly adults. This is “Japan’s first virtual currency investment course for seniors,” local media reported last week.

The Tokyo-based center “supports dissemination of the correct information and knowledge of virtual currencies” and of “building assets with virtual currency with confidence,” its website describes. The organization says “we have connections with overseas exchanges and currency issuers” and aims to promote “the sound development of the virtual currency industry.” The center describes:

“In the past, investment of stocks and FX was the mainstream. However, since 2017 virtual currencies became a topic in the news, and seniors who start investing [in] virtual currencies are increasing…we hold virtual currency seminars…and some participants in their 80s have participated.”

According to the cryptocurrency center, it says one of the benefits of the seniors investing In cryptocurrency is that it will help them not to get unnecessary anxiety about the future. And it will also increase their assets holding.

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The course is divided into two parts: “Basic operation and maintenance of virtual currency” and “Investment know-how of virtual currency and measures against taxation.”

They would be taught on how to purchase cryptocurrency in Japanese yen, how to open an account at a crypto exchange, and how to store crypto in wallets and cold storage. In addition, students will learn how to send and receive crypto remittances. This part will also touch on security such as two-step authentication and safekeeping and restoration of private keys.

And as time proceeds, more details gradually would revealed to them.

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