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Invest in Bitclub Advantage As It Resumes Payment of Investors

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Perhaps one the most trusted bitcoin investment platform in Africa recently through its CEO announced the resumption of its investors. Bitclub Advantage have held payments of its investors from Bitclub versions 2.0 and 3.0. And this have created some concerned for its investors. However, in a recent meeting with the CEO Bitclub Advantage is raady to pay its investors.

In line with this, Bitclub introduces Bitclub Africa and as many investors can testify that its paying and you can read more about Bitclub Africa HERE. Investment from Bitclub version 2.0 and 3.0 are safe. And they will be release for withdrawal when the market price of BTC goes up to $11,000.

He further went to explain that the recent fall in the price of BTC is the reason for holding previous investments. And he also explained that Bitclub Africa is working fine because all investments were made after the fall in price.

The CEO of Bitclub Advantage then encourage investors to use Bitclub Africa pending the rise of BTC. Note that anyone who invest in Bitclub Advantage is at personal risk and should you decide to invest please READ THIS ARTICLE to know more about the story of this platform thus far.

No one can categorically tell when there will be rise in btc price but if you are invest in Bitclub Africa and make some money contact Mr Pablo on +2348117745973 or +2349083832420 also available on WhatsApp.


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