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How to Successfully Select a Hosting Plan In Whogohost

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To successfully activate a hosting plan in Whogohost you need to Log into Whogohost client area. If you already have an account just visit the Whogohost website and log in or CLICK HERE to create an account with Whogohost. If you miss our previous article about why you should consider using Whogohoost as your Host provider please CLICK HERE to read it.


Selecting a hosting plan in Whogohost is very simple and easy. First you have to log into your client area if you don’t currently have an account with Whogohost CLICK HERE to register a free account. Once you have log into your Whogohost client area/dashboard, from the menu click HOSTING & SERVICES then from the drop down menu select ORDER NEW HOSTING/SERVICES. See picture below

hosting & services

The next stage is for you to select the hosting package of your choice. The details of each hosting package is just below the package and the amount to be paid for the package is also written. We advice you go for the package that is friendly with your pocket as you can always upgrade your hosting plan on a later date. Click on ORDER NOW to proceed see picture below

web hosting packages


The next stage is where it gets a little tricky so please pay good attention so as not to miss a step now. Once you have selected a hosting plan, Whogohost then require you to select a domain name. Here you have three options

  1. Register a new domain
  2. Transfer your domain from another registrar
  3. I will use my existing domain and update my nameserver

The first option register a new domain is meant for persons who don’t have domain name. Selecting this option means that you have to choose a domain name and pay for it. You should select the second option if you have a domain name but it’s not registered with Whogohost, this option allows you to transfer your domain name to Whogohost. The last option is the easiest, if you already have a domain name that is registered with Whogohost, just select this option and type in the domain name you want to host it’s content and continue. See picture below


You are almost done with buying a hosting plan from Whogohost. The next page displays the details of the hosting plan and the amount you are to pay annually(Yearly). Once you have checked the details of the purchase you can then click on CONTINUE button usually at the right side of the website to see a review of your order. Now click on CHECKOUT to make payment(if you have any whogohost promo code, you can type it in the review order page and validate the code). See pictures below


The next stage is selecting from the many method of making payment in Whogohost. Our next article will focus on the different method of making order payment in Whogohost.



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