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How To Successfully Register As Miropass A-Mart Affiliate and Start Earning As You Shop Online

Miropass earnings

In our previous article about Miropass A-Mart, we tried to explain why you should should choose to shop online with Miropass A-Mart and we also said a few things about Miropass A-Mart. If you missed that article, you can CLICK HERE to read it.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can successfully register and pay for a its affiliate program and start earning money. The steps are easy and with picture just follow procedure below


Step1. CLICK HERE to visit the company’s Affiliate registration Portal

Step2. Click on REGISTER or SIGN UP to visit the registration form. See image below to see sample of how the registration form looks likeMiropass A-Mart affiliate formStep3. Carefully fill the form using a sponsor ID, you can use kingpablo as your sponsor ID and then select an affiliate package.

Step4. Select a username and it will be verified if that username is available or not.

Step5. Type in your password and confirm password

NOTE: There is Password and there is Transaction Password, you can use same password for them but it is good you know that both password don’t perform same function. The first passowrd is use to access your Miropass A-Mart Affiliate account while transaction password is use when you want to complete any transaction from the affiliate dashboard.

Step6. Type in you names, first and last name and then select you country and input your house address. Click the i Read Terms & Conditions and click continue. See Picture of completely filled Miropass A-Mart Affiliate form below

sample of Miropass A-Mart Affiliate form

NOTE: Using Miropass A-Mart is not restricted to one country as you have the option of been paid via bitcoin which means that Affiliates can be paid anywhere in the world.

Step7. This is the last step of the Affiliate registration. At this phase you pay for the affiliate program via Bank Wire Transfer, Debit Card or Crypto equivalent(E-Wallet). See picture below

Miropass A-Mart Affiliate payment

The pictures below are the samples of Miropass A-Mart dashboard with earnings of affiliates. You can start earning like these affiliates by just picking an affiliate program and paying for it. See pictures of earnings belowMiropass earningsMiropass earnings Miropass earningsNow that you have successfully register for Miropass A-Mart affiliate program, now its time to build your structure and be making money daily. If you need any help with the registration or understanding how Miropass A-Mart works, please contact Mr Pablo on +2348117745973 or +2349083832420 also available on WhatsApp.


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