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How To See Photos On Free Facebook Mode


For some time, many of our brothers and sisters on the online space have survived on Facebook blindly, using the Book and leaving the Face out of the equation, thanks to the Free Facebook mode that Airtel and 9Mobile offers.

Well, it will now be possible to see Photos while using Free Facebook. Follow the directions below:


  • An Android Device
  • Airtel or 9Mobile Sim Card with no data plan or airtime on it
  • Facebook Lite(Complusory)
  • Sim Card must have 2G or better still, 3G or 4G


  • After downloading the app, launch and login( If it is your first time of using the application)
  • After about a minute, close the app and switch off your data.
  • Go to Phone Settings, Go to App Manager, Locate Facebook Lite and Tap On it, Then Tap Clear Data of Facebook Lite.
  • Now Switch On your data and launch your Facebook Lite App.
  • Login to FB Lite.

After this, you will be in Data Mode and will be able to see Photos on Free Facebook Mode.

Voila!, you’ve successfully beat the system to your gain. You will not be able to watch videos on the Facebook Lite however.

How do you feel now? If you find those steps hard to follow or if it isn’t working, you can try this alternative method.

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