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Domain Name What it Means and Why You Should Have one Today

What is domain name

What is domain name

One of the first questions people would ask you when you said you have a website is what is your domain name? And it is very easy for one to is www.mntrends.com but the truth is aside from knowing a domain name most people don’t really understand what it stands for. This article will throw more insight on what it actually means.


Domain name simply put is your online identity. This means that people will use this identity to refer to you online. Just like every human have a name and he/she is refer to by that name, so every website uses a domain name as their name and it is use to refer to the website.

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Domain makes it easy for persons not to refer to the wrong website. For example, people don’t mistake Twitter for Facebook even though they both use the Blue color, this is possible because they have different online identity. And people don’t mistake Instagram for Google Plus because they have different online identity. So if you don’t want to be called the wrong name or refer to wrongly then you need an online identity.

Having a domain is very important because it makes you look professional. Most people have opt in for a free domain name but it is best to get a paid domain name. This is because, having an online identity gives you authority over the website. And makes your content looks original and you appear like a pro.

Also, having an online identity will also make people get use to your brand/website. That way they will get to know more about you and the things you have to offer. To get a free domain CLICK HERE to register for a free. Also buy a hosting plan and get free domain CLICK HERE to sign up for free.


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