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All You Need to Know About Bitclub Africa

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Bitclub Advantage recently introduced Bitclub Africa in a bid to rescue the Bitclub Advantage platform. But most investors is yet to fully understand what this new change implies. In this article  we’ll try to look at what investors should understand about Bitclub Africa.


Bitclub Africa is the new platform for all Bitclub investors. This newly introduced platform does not mean that all previously invested money is lost. According to the CEO of Bitclub, all earnings from Bitclub versions 2.0 and 3.0 are safe. And these earnings will be paid out once bitcoin price regains its strength.

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The new platform is currently working and its paying all its investors. In a meeting with top investors, the CEO of Bitclub Advantage passed a message to investors that the fall in bitcoin price is to be blamed for the delay in payment. However, he assure investors that this new platform will pay as it is been use with the current bitcoin price. See screenshots below

Bitclub Africa1

Bitclub Africa2 Bitclub Africa3

In its conclusion he assured all investors that old investments are not lost. He further said that once there is rise in bitcoin price, all old investments be paid in full. But till then, all investors should be using Bitclub africa. If you like to register in Bitclub Advantage contact Mr Pablo on +2348117745973 or +2349083832420 also available on WhatsApp.


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