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All The Things That Happen When You Fart Inside A Bus


You, trying to hold the mess in because you know it will be a bomb

Father, help me for this and I will not sin again

And you release the gas weapon


How you sit waiting for the first victim to speak up

Could it be that eez smelling in only my nose?

And there’s that frustrated young man just coming from a job interview who is ready to rain curses on whoever dropped the bomb

Thunder faya you and ya yansh dia!

And he turns to ask ifis you that just fouled the air

ermm…I can’t really know who did because this smeh eez nor my smeh

How you feel when that old woman tying wrapper says it is not good to rain curses 

Sweet Jesus!


But she says she will offer special prayers for whoever dropped the shii

Is this something good to be happy about??

And you finally reach your Bus stop



Because las las, mess is God’s provision to keep the proud humble.

Brethren, Never be ashamed of your fart. Many are paying a lot to enjoy just a fraction of what you are enjoying. However, Mess Responsibly!

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