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All The Reactions We Had To The Trump-Kim Romance


So the Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting has come to an end with many applauding it’s success.

Underneath though, these were our real reactions during their bitter-sweet romance.

How We All Looked When Kim and Trump were Throwing Banters On Twitter And Giving Us Free Entertainment

Aspa Avengers feem suntin

When We All Heard That Kim and Trump Would Be Meeting On June 12


And Kim released some US Prisoners As A Sign Of Goodwill

WAWU! This is Looking Good!

And Then Trump’s Boys Made A Slip Of Tongue And Called A Certain Ghaddafi’s name


How Kim Ram Away From The Meeting After The Revelation

Wa Sare kabakaba


And The World Was Like

Waris all this thing nauu??

And They Said They’d Be Meeting Again

Are you sure you mean what you’re saying you will do?

And There Was That Fear That Baba Trump Will Go And Talk Cast

So We Just Had To Organize A Night Vigil On the Eve of the Meeting

Aspa Baba Take Control!

How We Celebrated When They Finally Met Yesterday


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