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7 Different People You Will Meet In Night Class

becasue no light at home

So, you’re gearing up to go to Night class ( A class where students go to read at Night). If you don’t see these people there; you are not really in a Night class

The Ones that actually came to read

awon omo iwe

Those that came to read but everyone knows nothing is entering the head

Basket! enter and commot

The Ones that came to sleep

because no light at home

The Night lovers

They’ll sha break up after failure

Some that just came to mess and nothing more

Releasing chemical weapons of mass destruction

Those that came to learn how to run Church 

Go and open your own church ogah

Those that came to rove about

Like the Devil was roving round the Earth

Las las, those that wee fail wee fail and those that wee pass wee pass.


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