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5 Ways To Become A Better Host


To be a good or a better host here are five things you must have or do.

1. A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: At times comfort is life. We all need that one place where we can feel at home. Hence to be a good host you must not fail to tidy the environment where such gathering or bonding is set to hold. It could be your home (Sitting room) or just an open filed or just somewhere else but just make sure the environment is neat and clean.

2. CLEAN REST ROOM: This is very important to do. Most times many host tend to be so busy with other stuff and end up forgetting this. However, just make sure that next time you plan to invite someone over, be sure not to forget this. Let you toilet be clean and well kempt. It shouldn’t be only for the sake of your visitors. Remember that staying healthy is life.

3. COOK A MEAL: Now sometimes this is where people get it all mixed up. You see, when we say cook a meal, it must not be a banquet of chicken with juice or an expensive meal. But rather, cook a meal that you can afford. Live within your means. It might just be water and some nuts to chew. Just prepare something, something you can afford.

4. BE FRIENDLY: Of course, you don’t expect your visitor to come and you both would be starring at each other the whole day. Learn to be conversational. And this you can do by simply sharing stories together, show personal interest and get to know yourselves. You can also take a walk around or play games (Indoor Games). Be friendly and make your visitor enjoy his or her day. Always smile too.

5. TIME APPROPRIATION: You can’t spend the whole day together without getting bored at a point in time. Hence, know when your visitor should be going. No matter how much you both are enjoying yourself. Be time conscious so you won’t miss other activities of the day. Just allocate the right time for it.

I guess you are ready to be good or more better host. Why not invite someone over this weekend to your place. And share with us your experience afterward in the comment box below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog too.


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