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Iceland; $60,000 reward up for anyone with a lead to the Stolen Mining Machine


Iceland’s bitcoin machine has been missing for some months now. Although, missing bitcoin mining machines may be in China, according to a local report from last week. 

Icelandic police have sent Chinese authorities an inquiry after the latter country confiscated 600 mining computers. Police in the Tianjin area reportedly seized the machines after detecting unusually high electricity consumption, per Xinhua News.

However, it is unclear whether the machines seized in China have any relation to Iceland’s ” Big Bitcoin Heist .” As previously reported, the machines were stolen across several incidents during December and January, and officials have so far had no luck in locating them.

However, a $60,000 reward is offered by the machines’ owner for any information which could lead to the computers.

So, if you have any reliable information that could lead to the findings of the computer, you can use our contact us page below. 


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