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Fancy Going To Crypto-Schools?Try These Countries

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Have you ever thought seriously about investing in cryptocurrencies but have refrained from investing due to lack of sufficient knowledge about the currency? Or you have already started some investments in the latest craze in the world but you still need some guidance or little brushing up of the knowledge you’ve acquired? Well, you might have to travel to Japan, Thailand or South Korea as crypto learning centres have sprung up in those regions.

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  • In Tokyo, “Bitcoin no Madoguchi”, has started offering information on cryptocurrencies, cryptoexchanges and cryptonews in the space.
  • The information though, is tailor made for those who are willing to invest 1 million yuen, which is about $9,206 or more.
  • In Osaka, Zero Base opened a Bit station educational centre to give information to those who cannot take their baby steps in crypto-trading.
  • In Thailand, The Thai Fintech Association has launched the Cryptoasset Revolution (CAR) course which will give participants a complete knowledge about crypto-investments and ICOs.
  • In South Korea, the Universities are the ones spear heading the move as Decenter University launched an introductory course on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • The course is aimed at helping students understand the origins and workings of Bitcoin and Ethereum, analyzing the impact of Blockchain, and global government and financial industry visions for it.
  • Koscom, a leading IT service provider has also organized a crypto-training course for its employees.

What do you think about these crypto-training firms and institutions? Are there any crypto-training institutions in the country where you live? Please share them with us.


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