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We want Regulation, Not a Governmental Backed CryptoCurrency – British Citizens

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According to an online poll, a survey conducted by D-CYFOR, has revealed the true intentions of the Britons towards a governmental backed CryptoCurrency. As reported by the Daily Express, 60 percent of the interviewed said they would not support the Bank of England in introducing its own digital coin.

British people remain cautious and generally pessimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies. More than 60 percent of those surveyed expect a decrease, or even a collapse in the value of bitcoin over the next six months.

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In addition, the pollsters also interviewed participants if they would consider investing in other cryptocurrencies, besides bitcoin. 14 percent said they would put money into Bitcoin Cash (BCH), 20 percent would invest in Ethereum, followed by Ripple with 6 percent, and Litecoin at 5 percent.

Many who have not yet invested in cryptocurrency, claimed they would be “more likely” to invest in cryptocurrency if the government in London regulated the crypto sector.

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A final analysis of the survey reveals that almost two thirds of British people would not support a cryptocurrency issued by their central bank, rather they want the crypto sector to be regulated by the government and not introducing a governmental backed CryptoCurrency. 


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