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See Why It Is Hard For People To Resist The MMM Community


Ever wondered why MMM participants still won’t quit the community after three PAUSE modes and one restart that got millions of money stuck in the system? Well the reason why participants are so glued to the MMM community can be found from its ideology and the way the administration operates.


The very first reason why it is hard to resist participation in MMM community is because of its ideology. Unlike other platforms, the MMM community is built on mutual donation and participants are made to understand that they are helping each other to get rich. This means that the MMM community appeal to the human nature that wants to help each other and use it drag its members in.

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Participants of MMM are made to believe that by giving out to someone in need, someone else will also give to you when your time of need arises. This idea is what makes the platform so beautiful that even after PAUSE modes and restarts, the participants are still made to believe that they can still recover their stuck money only if they give to each other.
Most of the rich people participating in MMM believe that they are helping someone in need and we all know how humans like humanitarian service. So if you want to destabilize the MMM community, you have to start by attacking its ideology and making seem useless which is practically impossible. Trying to go against MMM idea will make you look like the bad person and a hater of progress.

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The second reason why MMM community is hard to resist is because of its Admins. The MMM admins are so active that even a page loading error in the website won’t go unnoticed by them. The Admins are so organized that they are always up to date with recent happenings.
For a group of Admins to be in charge of MMM operations in more than 150 countries and give monthly news digest around the world in more that 10 different languages is awesome. The Admins make it seem that everything is under control even when MMM operations is shaky. Their composure and active activities make the platform the most effective scheme you’d ever see.
Following the news of the death of Sergei Mavrodi the founder of MMM, all MMM operations was swiftly put on a global PAUSE mode pending Admins decision. Note that participating in MMM with crytpocurrency attracts a whooping 50% return of donation. If you wish to participate in MMM using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash use the CONTACT US PAGE to send us a message for guidelines.


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