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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Police arrested Two for running an illegal Crypto mining in Orenburg

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs spokeswoman, Irina Volk has revealed that police detained two persons in connection with a cryptocurrency mining farm discovered in an abandoned rubber factory.

According to the report, 6,000 pieces of mining equipment were found at the site in the city of Orenburg. The police are charging two former factory employees with property damage, among other criminal offenses, according to the report.

Moreover the rumors of the mining farm emerged in early March, but police declined to confirm its existence, so reported by a Russian media. However, Volk indicated earlier today that the farm stole 8 million kW/h worth of electricity at an estimated cost of 60 million rubles (about $9,700).

This is not the first time the Russian authorities have shut down illicit crypto mining operations. Who knows if there are still other yet to be discovered illegal mining factories in the country. 

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