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Friday, 6 April 2018

MMM Website Shuts Down | MMM Finally Announce Stop In Its Operations Worldwide

Following the pause mode introduced by MMM Admin due to the death of its founder Sergei Mavrodi, MMM Admin has finally announced a global stop to MMM and its operations. The news appeared in the MMM website and since then their PO website have not been accessible.

The reason for the global shut down was due to the fact that no member of the Admin have same or similar idea as Sergey Mavrodi. According to the news, they claim that the debt of MMM ideology was with Sergei Mavrodi and his death also meant a stop to its ideas.

They further went on to say that another reason for a global shutdown is the fear of failure. They afraid that they might fail participants in the long run and this fear was a contributing factor to stopping MMM operations globally. See picture below

Meanwhile, lots of MMM members have invested so much in the scheme and are already expecting a return. This is another heart break to MMM faithfuls around the globe. Well the way forward is forward and MMM members across the globe are advised to forge ahead and move on.

Remember that from the onset, MMM Admin warn participants of likely loss and in this case they can't/won't be held responsible for whatever loss accrued by members. Goodbye to MMM and to all MMM participants worldwide we say move on. 

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