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How To Get Real Free Bitcoin | No Scam Legit Bitcoin Mining Only

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Quick Note: CryptoTab don’t require any payment or investment before withdrawal. And Team_Mntrends are using CryptoTab on a test basis so we don’t have current proof of withdrawal aside from the testimonials given in the CrytpoTab website. Users discretion is ADVISED 
The urge to get free bitcoin is very high in the internet and everyday people from around the globe are looking for ways to easily mine bitcoin. And there is good news, recently most online mining platforms have been trying to make it easy for users to easily mine and earn bitcoin with just their PC or smart phone. We introduce you to CRYPTOTAB, an online mining website that allows you to mine and earn bitcoin  from your electronic device.


 CryptoTab is very easy to understand and use, in fact it might just be one of the easiest bitcoin mining platforms so far. To mine bitcoin with CryptoTab all you need is a working electronic device(PC or smart phone) and you have to willing to sacrifice a Tab of your browser (usually google chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and lastly you need internet.
CryptoTab works by borrowing a Tab of your browser and use it to passively mine bitcoin for you anytime you are connected to the internet. Note that this mining can be stopped by you if you feel need to stop mining. And you can also set the speed and number of processing power you wish to use in mining. Below is a screenshot on how the CryptoTab looks like.
cryptotab mining
Note that mining bitcoin takes time and according to estimate from CryptoTab, it will take some months for a user to mine a withdrawal-able bitcoin from their platform.


CryptoTab registration is very easy and relatively fast. All you need is for you to CLICK ON THIS LINK and use either your Facebook Account, Twiitter Account, Instagram or Google Account(Gmail or Google Plus) to create a quick and secure account. Once that is done, accept to dedicate a Tab for CryptoTab to use in mining your bitcoin. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section  below. If you need help with registration please us the CONTACT US PAGE to send us a message. Happy mining.



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