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What to Expect from the two-day World Blockchain Forum set to hold in Dubai


A two-day World Blockchain Conference is set to hold in Dubai coming month of April 16th & 17th.

The purpose of this conference is for many individuals and businesses to gather in the Gulf region to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. Dubai hopes to be a leader within the blockchain realm worldwide, and by 2020 it will attempt to be the first blockchain powered government. 
This year conference in Dubai will witness vast amount of speakers from Dubai and all over the world. This includes the Director of the Cybercrime Department and Criminal Investigation Dept. at Dubai Police headquarters, Col. Saeed M. Alhajri, and the CEO of Strategic Affairs at Department of Economic Development, Mohammed Shael Al Saadi, the Dubai Future Foundation’s Dr. Noah Raford, Netki’s Dawn Newton, the co-founder of Bitoasis Ola Oudin, Vanessa Grellet from Consensys, Binary Financial’s Harry Yeh, and many more special guests.

The event will have many exhibits featuring the innovative technologies such as bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and token sales. Tickets to the WBF event in Dubai can be purchased today which provides access to the two-day conference, catering and breaks, access to the speaker hall and exhibits, and every attendee will receive a conference schedule. 
One shouldn’t miss this conference for anything as it aims to give participants the educational resources to understand this emerging crypto-economy.
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