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Twitter set to ban ICOs, Cryptocurrency wallet and Token Sales

Few weeks from now, a new advertising policy is set to come in from twitter. The microblogging site is said to impose a ban on ads for crypto exchanges, as well, bar a few exceptions. Although, the policy change is yet to be confirmed officially.
What twitter is planning to do is to prohibit advertisements for ICOs, token sales, and cryptocurrency wallets. However, Some Trading Platforms May be Excluded from the Ban.
Facebook and Google took similar action sometime back and now twitter preparing to ban crypto-related advertisements on its platform. The new advertising policy will be implemented in two weeks, Sky News reported without revealing the source of its information.
This twitter new rules will likely prohibit advertisements for initial coin offerings (ICOs), token sales, and cryptocurrency wallets globally, according to the report.
Google and facebook cited concerns over illicit activities and fraudulent ads as the reason for imposing restrictions on crypto content. Although, the reasoning behind Twitter’s decision is unclear.
In conclusion, the ban may also include advertisements for cryptocurrency exchanges. The report suggests, however, that the new policy will be launched with some “limited exceptions” in regards to trading platforms. There has been no official confirmation of the policy change yet.
Do you think twitter should go on with this new policy set to be implemented in the next few weeks? Will it have any negative effects on the market price of cryptos? Tell us in the comments section below what you think.
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