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New MMM Operates More With Cryptocurrency


Before its shut down, the Sergey Mavrodis’ MMM was a great fan of crytpo well the new MMM is no different. Like the old MMM, the new MMM have added the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash to its platform.

Every week, the community/platform encourages its members to PH in cryptocurrency using either of the available options. The new MMM platform is also set to give a full crypto market analysis every month.

The newly launched communit/platform allows its members across the world to use crytptocurrency in their PH. Every week there are PH in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum waiting to be merged by Admins of the community.

Recent Update: MMM relaunch and is promising to pay its members. The newly created community have same feature like the old community. You can Register for a free MMM Account using this Official Link. Note that participating in MMM is at personal risk.

The New MMM And Cryptocurrency

In a recent speculation, the newly launched community/platform now offer the choice of converting your local currency into crypto and your crypto into local cash for easy withdrawal.

These updates have made the use of cyrpto in the community become very popular and easy for participants. In Africa, countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia knows more about crytpo because of the participation in this platform and some other investment platforms.

MMM been one of the most popular mutual donation in Africa, most of it’s participants are now learning to trust and use crypto in their activities. To further boost the interest of its participants, the community offers higher return of donation for those participants who are participating with bitcoin and other cyrptos.

While local currency PH attracts a 30% return of donation within 30days, PH in crypto attracts a 50% return of donation in 30days. This platform might not be as widely acceptable today but the platform is sure great supporter of bitcoin and its brothers.

If you have limited ideas about bitcoin and how it works, you can send us a message using the CONTACT US page. Please note that we won’t give you investment options. We’ll only educate you on how bitcoin and other cryptocurrency works.


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