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See Why The Death Of Sergei Mavrodi Might Not Be The End Of MMM Operations

MMM lives on

The news flooding the media now is that the founder of MMM Sergei Mavrodi died today been March 26 2018 of heart attack at the age of 62 somewhere in Moscow. The death of the founder have created some major panic for the members of the MMM community. Most of the participants thinks that the death of Sergei Mavrodi might also be the end of MMM and its operations. But lets take a closer look and see if truly there is need for panic from this news.

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1. MMM IS AN IDEA: To begin our analysis its good that readers and participants bear it in mind that MMM is an idea and a sole proprietorship where the death of the owner equals the death or collapse of the business. MMM is an idea that has been passed across more than 150 countries and over 4 million people have embraced this idea with open arms. So even if Mavrodi dies, there will be someone to take over and continue to spread this idea across the globe.

2. MMM IS WELL ORGANIZED: Next reason why the death of Sergei Mavrodi might not be the end of MMM is because of its well organized structure. MMM is organized in such a way that every member of the community from around the globe can access same portal and get same news digest but a yet a disruption in one country does not affect that smooth running of another country. This well organized structure makes it possible for MMM to possibly survive long after the death of its founder.

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3. SERGEI MAVRODI IS NOT RUNNING MMM BY HIMSELF: Granted Sergei is the founder of MMM but the ultimate question is this ‘Is it possible for Sergei Mavrodi to be running the Activities of MMM across more than 150 countries all by himself?” the obvious answer to that question is NO. Having this in mind, we can conclude that Mavrodi himsefl is just an integral part of MMM and its operations and with or without him MMM operations will most likely function just fine.

Lastly, MMM won’t be left under the supervision of just one person. Knowing fully well that big businesses thrives when there are structures in place, Mavrodi might have already set up a structure for MMM and its operations. And these structures will likely continue to function even in his absence.

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Please note that as the time of writing this article, Team_Mntrends have not verified the news regarding the death of Sergei Mavrodi. But even with his death the operations of MMM will likely continue. Once we have the complete report about Sergei Mavrodi and the news regarding his death, we will sure bring an update. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for latest infor on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and other crypto. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @mntrendsblog. Also like our Facebook Page ‘Mntrends Blog” for all latest news and updates.


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